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The Weeknd to release a new song about NFT


The NFT space is getting a lot of mainstream attention as it continues to revolutionize the way we see art and content development. The advent of NFTs has made it easier for artists to take adequate credit for their work. It has now entered the music industry, and artists are now open to perform about NFTs.

The Weeknd to sing about NFTs

Popular musician The Weeknd has revealed that he intends to release a new song about NFTs. The artist wants to sing about the new and exciting space of nonfungible tokens. The NFT space has been gaining traction from artists and content developers globally, and The Weeknd is the latest to talk about the ecosystem.

The Weeknd tweeted about it, saying, “new song living in NFT space. Coming soon…” The Weeknd’s tweet has generated thousands of retweets and comments from followers who are now anticipating the release of the song.

Non-fungible tokens are unique because they provide blockchain-backed “proof of ownership” on an item like art. This ensures that artists have an excellent and secure way of claiming ownership and collecting compensation for their digital works.

Blockchain use case continues to grow

Blockchain tech is regarded as one of the leading technologies in the world. Its application is vast and continues to increase. The creation of blockchain tech has positively affected a wide array of industries, including finance, healthcare, supply chain, hospitality, politics, education, and more.

NFTs are already in use in the art world as several artists are now creating digital arts to display at museums and sell at auctions. The sale of the Beeple art earlier this month was the most significant NFT sale so far, as it raked in nearly $70 million.

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