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Multiple Income Streams (Podcast Episode 67)


Most people only have one income stream.

These people are helpless to layoffs, firings, economic downturns, and a host of other external factors they can do nothing about.

It’s 2019, and there’s no excuse for this anymore.  You need more than one income stream.  You need many if you can manage it.

And here’s the good news:

It’s not hard to do, like it used to be.

Technology FTW!

Back in the day, the phrase “it takes money to make money” was actually true.

Now it’s a hot load of shit.

Scores of young people are becoming millionaires by leveraging the technology already available to everyone, and making things people love.

Or even more gangster, they’re selling their expertise online.

The new millionaires are still the exceptions to the rule however, but millions of other killers have earned a bit less, but have still made very comfortable lives for themselves through these same means.

Thanks to technology, the cost of entry is ridiculously cheap, the blueprint to success can be found everywhere, and all of the loser excuses have been finally put to death.

I actually enjoy it when these kids show off their success (as long as it’s not fabricated), and I like it even more when people get all mad at them for doing it.

Guess what haters?  You had (and still do have) the exact same opportunities they had.  But they went and did it while you fucking sat there.

It’s all there, ready for you to take it, and if you don’t take advantage, don’t be surprised when you lose the only income stream you have and nobody feels sorry for you.  They’ll feel sorry for your kids, but not you.

It’s time to make moves.


When choosing you next few income streams, it just makes sense to choose avenues which have a low floor and a high ceiling.

Please understand, they will all cost some money (though often not a lot), but they will take time to learn, and even longer to perfect.

Lots of failure ahead, be ready.

But if that failure didn’t cost you much, and you learned a ton in the process, the entire undertaking was a GIGANTIC win for you.  I cannot stress this enough.

Over time, you will begin to have more and more success because you’ve already made most of your mistakes during the failure process.

But these wonderful failures will never happen to you if you allow your fear of failure to prevent you from starting in the first place.

“Fail fast, fail cheap” as the saying goes.

So if failure is imminent here, and it is, make sure it doesn’t break you financially or take years off of your life.

The last podcast was on the idea of Upside/Downside, and can be seen here.

You Are Already Doing This

Most of you reading this blog are currently learning the No Nonsense Forex way of trading, which means if you’re caught up on the material, you’re learning how to trade spot metals, which is a completely different market.

There will also be more markets to learn about before the material comes to an end.

You’ve also learned about the benefits of holding precious metals.

So by the time this material is over, you will have 4-6 different income streams at your disposal.

And again, no excuses.  Can’t afford precious metals?  You probably can (future video/pod).  Can’t make money trading metals where you live?  Me neither!  But it didn’t stop me.

But I will have given you a good 4-6 options just through trading/investing alone.  Let’s add a lot more.

Because adding real income streams to your life is all upside.  It makes you bullet-proof.  No one thing can take you down financially.

One of your businesses fails?  Who cares?  You learned a ton, and you’ll use that knowledge to go start two more.

A bad recession comes and people aren’t buying your products anymore?  Okay!  Your precious metals holdings all went way up as a result, your FX trading has a ton of volume now, and you can now wait it out until the economy bounces back.

You may have been fucked otherwise.  Good thing you expanded the empire.

Most of you already have the make-up for this lifestyle.  Most people are lazy schlubs who don’t even bother to learn how to trade anything (and if they do, they just want the quick fix).

You have learned, learned the right way, and can now apply this process-driven learning style to anything you want.

So Where To Start?

When it comes to adding on streams, I think it comes down to two things.

  1. What are you good at?
  2. Where are the opportunities?

And even if it’s something you’re not good at, and the market is saturated, you can still win, and should try to.  Take on challenges like this with impunity.

If it’s something in which you’re already skilled/knowledgeable at, you could honestly get cranking by tomorrow.

But you will need to embrace the character traits and places where you excel, so you can leverage those things to make your businesses uniquely yours.

And notice I didn’t say “do what you’re passionate about”.  Mostly, this is crap.  There is no better way to narrow your field so tremendously to where you’re blatantly rejecting so many great opportunities than to “follow your heart”

Trust me, once the money starts coming in, you’ll be plenty passionate about whatever it is you’re doing.

I Can’t Die, Because I Multiply!

So let’s talk about me for a minute.

Not my favorite topic as you all know, but if I can lend myself as example here, maybe it can help you.

So for me, No Nonsense Forex was born out of the three things I know I do better than most people.

  1. Trade
  2. Speak
  3. Write

For all the other stuff I had to learn….

  1. WordPress
  2. Video Creation
  3. Email List Management (still learning this one)
  4. Podcasting
  5. YouTube SEO
  6. Audacity Recording Software
  7. Not rambling

This was all like teaching a rhinoceros how to play the piano.  But the important part is I GOT IT DONE.

And now, get this — I have these skills for life.  And they’re very useful.

At this point, I could put together a course on how to start a podcast for under $100, and sell it for $59.

And people would buy it.  Don’t think they wouldn’t.  I started a podcast which now gets over 25,000 downloads a week with a $60 microphone, a $15 stand, $10 pop filter, and a $9/month subscription to Podbean.

It would absolutely sell.  Unfortunately I have too many other things on my plate, but it’s nice to know I could start another reliable income stream over something I learned how to do 18 months ago.

I also sell items online.  I was never good at this, but I got good, and it was easy because there are so many amazing sources to draw from.

This time I did not play to my strengths, and failed a lot, but kept at it, and now my success has erased all of my failures tenfold.  Oh, and along the way I learned these killer skills which people would also pay me for…

  1. Google SEO
  2. YouTube Marketing
  3. Facebook Marketing
  4. Google Ads
  5. Copywriting

Because when you sell products, you automatically become top 1% at these things too.

I can now, if I chose to, do FB ads for local businesses, or do copywriting remotely for a company in Canada.

Between trading, the metals and currencies I hold, the affiliate streams that came from NNFX, the businesses I own, and the skills I have — I am impossible to take down.

I want this for you as well.

But this is what happens when you go learn new things — you also end up learning OTHER new things, and over time you become good at them as well.  And you can profit off of those things.

It does not take long to start building all of these streams and skills.  Once it comes, it comes quick.

And there is ZERO downside to accumulating all of this.

“But muh time”

Stop it.  You overrate how important your own time is (we all do)

A lot of you took time to watch all of MY videos.

Just apply that time to learning new things.

Voilla!  Problem solved.

Difference is, you had a passion for Forex, but this other stuff is more of an unknown, so you hesitate.

I see right through you.

Transfer your NNFX time (after you’re done with it of course) to your new hustle, whatever it end up being, and GET THE MACHINE IN MOTION.

There ya go, you still have all the time you had before, now you’re just using your NNFX time to get your side hustles in motion.

And once you do, trust me, it all just keeps multiplying and multiplying.  But only if you dive in.

How To Dive In

(There are no affiliate links on this entire blog post)

If you do one thing after reading this, it should be to look up the thing you want to learn on YouTube and find out who the top players are.  They did not get there by mistake (ahem).

Step two, follow these people on Twitter.

“But what are they going to tell me on Twitter that I can’t already learn on YouTube?”

It’s not about that.

These people often retweet other people on Twitter.  People who you may resonate a lot more with.  People who may actually do the thing you want to learn better than the first guy you found.

And all of this is free.

But what’s great, is if it ever does come time to open up your wallet for some high-end learning, at least this way you’ll know over time exactly who to spend your money on.

Again, Do Not Follow Your Heart

Sometimes everything falls into place and you can make money doing what you really love (Forex trading).

Sometimes you can take what you already know, since you’re already good at it, and leverage that.

But if you’re looking for additional income streams, and you’re already doing what you love or the thing you really love doesn’t allow for a lucrative career, you need to throw this mentality out the window.

Do what makes you money, as long as it doesn’t compromise your beliefs.

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “I don’t like carrots, but if carrots are hot, then I’m in the carrot business”.

If you’re a rugged dude, but you’ve found a demand for a certain style of nail polish, and you can set up a Shopify store to peddle it to tween girls who have been begging for it by paying an influencer on Instagram to do all the selling, then you’d be a fool not to do it.

I guarantee an equally rugged dude who has more balls and savvy than you do is going to take your place here and make all the money you should have made if you don’t take it yourself.

Don’t leave money on the table because “it’s just not what you’re into”.  You’re only into like 3 things, cut the crap already, don’t limit yourself like that.

Sell What You’ve Learned

Selling your own knowledge is the nut flush of the online business world.

No product, no overhead, no suppliers to deal with, none of that.

Just put down what you know about something, and sell it.

And do NOT be a rip-off artist here.  There is absolutely no need for this.

Now you do need to be an expert at what you’re talking about — but this is NOT hard to do.

Just the fact that you’re getting up off your ass and hustling puts you in the top 1% of humans.

Then out of those 1%, you can easy become top 1% of those people simply by learning new skills and putting them into practice.

People want to learn from the top .1%ers.  Why wouldn’t they?

I didn’t know what YouTube SEO was two years ago.  I could easily sell a course on it now, and would be very qualified to do so.

And what’s nuts, is there are lots of people who know less about it than I do who are selling courses or consultant services right now, and making a ton of money off it.

There is a very easy two-step process to becoming good enough to do this:

  1. Take a paid and/or free course about whatever it is you want to be an expert at
  2. Put it into real practice to learn what the instructors didn’t tell you, and to be able to put your own unique spin on it

And just like that, you will be a top .1%er, no joke.

What’s great is if you’re starting an online business of any sort, this is already going to happen to you many times over.  You’ll become a whiz at many different things.

“But the people I learned from have already taken over the market in that category”

Find out where they’re not marketing their expertise.

Do it for cheaper.

Find out who they are not marketing specifically to, and who could really use this expertise.

Make your product unique to theirs, and take their market share away from them little by little.

The upside is astronomical.  The downside is next to nothing.

All of your excuses are bullshit.  The biggest risk you can do is to do nothing.  Get your ass out there and learn some new skills.


You REALLY need to blaze your own trail here.  I keep a lot of my sources to myself since a] it took me a long time to find them, and b] who’s to say it’s the best source for you?  My sources may do nothing for you at all.

I will give you the best head start I can here however.


The Side Hustle Bible by James Altucher – Full disclosure, I have not read this yet.  But I’ve been a steady listener of this guy’s podcast (I have recommended a book from him before), and I can tell you this — James is the walking embodiment of what I’m talking about on this blog post.

He has failed so many times he forgot how.  He has started with pennies and made millions, over and over.

Crypto peeps may remember him as the guy with the weird hair who tried to put a huge crypto learning course out there right before the market topped out.  He was brazenly bullish at the absolute worst time to be.

He got ridiculed forever for this.  But he’s so gangster, he didn’t care.  Just kept right on going.  Still has the course somewhere out there I think.

This is exactly the type of guy I want to get more ideas from.

I think it’s a book too, he said it was a book on his podcast, but whatever it is, I’m interested.

Bonus – if you want to learn how to draw up long copy, just click the link, it’s a great sales page.

Looks like it’s around $49, but you’ll never in your life be hurting for new ideas.  I’d make that trade.

Also, anything by Russel Brunson – The best way to learn sales nowadays IMO.  Russel is a bit hokey, and not my style personally, but it doesn’t matter.  The guy has made buh-jillions of dollars, and it was no mistake.  Take his lessons, and make them your own.


Gary Vaynerchuk – The one and only.  Most of you know him, and I have mentioned him in the past.  If you need a punch in the face, or some morning motivation, this is it, and there’s nothing else close.

The video in the link speaks to a lot of what you just read.  People will point to older speakers like Dale Carnegie, Zig Zigler, etc.  Not me.  Give me somebody more relevant to modern tomes.  Gary all day.  And good talk too on the video in the link about dealing with the haters who are soon to come your way once you start killing it.

Shopify Selling

This girl from New Zealand has a lot of great ideas, and covers just about any topic or issue that may ever come up if you’re wanting to sell products online.

There is always a learning curve here, but she can shave it down by a LOT if you pay attention.

Twitter Marketing

Ed Latimore – I retweet this guy ad nauseum.  You can and should market your product on Twitter because your competition probably doesn’t, and Twitter is a lot more personal than most social media believe it or not.


Income School – Yes, blogging.  Is blogging dead?  If it is, somebody forgot to tell these guys.  Read this next part twice: They have 40 blogs up which each give them $10,000+ in passive income.  That’s passive, so they’re no longer even blogging on most of these.

If they can have 40 blogs each making $10K a year, you don’t think you can make one?

Two guys from the middle-of-nowhere Idaho have made the No Nonsense Forex of the blogging world.  By this, I mean they take all of the information you’re going to learn about making money online, and tells you which parts are true, and which parts are crap, because they’ve done it all already.

Start with the earlier videos and get up on the latest SEO.  It’s not hard to figure out, when you’re getting your info from them.

Random-Ass Ideas That Just Might Work

If James Altucher’s book is out of your price range, Big Mark’s YouTube channel is a hoot.  Soooo hit-or-miss, but the hits have legs.  That’s all I’m saying.  Lots of great upside/downside here.

After this, don’t ever let me catch you saying you don’t know what to sell.

As far as the more detailed marketing channels, you’re on your own there.  But do what I said before — the people at the top of YouTube, for marketing of all things especially, are there because they did it better than everyone else.  Just start there, and spiral outward.

I have other sources, but they are trade secrets and will not be revealed.  Find your own!  I’ve given you a lot to work with already.


If you are a NNFX student, you probably already have this killer mentality towards life.

You want more.

The only barrier likely was how you didn’t think it was this easy and this fruitful once you get started.

It takes work like anything else, but it’s the most pleasurable, exciting, enriching work you’ll ever find.

Vaya con Dios.

— VP

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