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Major outage on Ethereum’s infrastructure provider



Infura is a major Ethereum infrastructure provider. Many of the well-known projects and applications use Infura’s APIs to connect to Ethereum blockchain.

Some of those projects are Uniswap, Coinbase Wallet and Metamask.

Major Outage

According to Infura’s status page, they are experiencing a major outage. They’ve identified the root cause which turned out to be “traced to several components within our infrastructure which were locked to an older stable version of the go-ethereum client which encountered a critical consensus bug at block 11234873”.

Hard Fork?

According to Nikita Zhavoronkov, lead developer at the private blockchain search engine Blockchair, it technically is an unannounced hard fork. Ethereum devs introduced a code change which caused the chain split at block 11234873, that put those who did not upgrade on the minority chain and that included Infura.

Exchange Withdrawals

Binance paused Ethereum withdrawals for about an hour as they were looking at the impact of the issue. Paolo Ardoino stated that exchanges should “run their own Ethereum nodes” implying that they should not be depending on a centralised service like Infura.

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