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Whatsapp payments enabled in Brazil


The giant Facebook, which has acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for nearly $20 billion, has been ever-expanding in the world of digitisation. Their latest moves were all linked to the financial payments industry.

WhatsApp Payments

The messaging application used by over 2 billion individuals in over 180 countries has announced their newest addition for Brazil-based users: WhatsApp Payments. This feature will allow users and small businesses to seamlessly transfer funds via the widespread application which will be “as easy as sharing photos” according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Mechanism & Security

The feature will leverage the power of Facebook Pay and will be processed by Cielo in Brazil. Individuals will use their Facebook Pay pin code or their built-in device biometrics to ensure only they authorize payments. It will be fee-free for individuals but cost 3.99% for businesses to accept payments.

Facebook & Payments

Facebook has one of, if not the largest, worldwide reach with billions of users. Although controversial and unaccepted by some, it puts them in a unique position to provide better payment services and promote financial inclusion. WhatsApp Payments does not use blockchain technology but it is one step in the direction of people using their smartphones for all types of payments.

This will perhaps create enough awareness for people to use Novi or whichever new technology becomes popular to bank the unbanked and create a more efficient payments industry.

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